SheevaPlug eSATA Plug Computer review

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“Pros: The tiny form factor and completely solid-state
nature of the device combine with an incredibly low power draw to
make a tempting home server
Cons: The 1.2GHz ARM chip struggles with intensive processing
tasks, while the single Ethernet port prevents its use as a gateway
or firewall

“There’s no denying that ARM chips have proven unbelievably
successful in the embedded and mobile markets, but there is growing
interest in the low-power chips from server manufacturers as well.
The SheevaPlug, developed as an open source development platform by
ARM licensee Marvell, is designed to be a cheap and easy route into
ARM development.

“The first thing that strikes you about the SheevaPlug is its
size. Designed around a model known as the ‘plug computer,’ it
looks more like the power adaptor for a device than an entire
server. Picking it up, it’s plain to see that much of the size of
the device is actually taken up with the ports on the sides, and
that the body of the SheevaPlug is largely hollow.”

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