Shocking: Did the W3C Sell Out to Microsoft?

[ Thanks to jhansonxi for this link.

“It’s the official HTML5 test that praises IE9’s HTML5
features. The W3C has spoken, the IE9 is the best HTML5 browser.
But my question is: How credible can the test be, if you discredit
it yourself and if you quietly change the results?

“I know, how dare I question the authority of the W3C and how
dare I bash IE9 again. I am such an angry guy. But wait: Tame your
fingers, don’t scroll down to the comments section yet. In fact, I
like IE9 and Microsoft’s progress, which has, conceivably, brought
us the best IE since IE4. IE9 is a very competitive browser with
many strengths and some weaknesses, just like all other

“What I don’t like is that there appears to be a need to push
IE9 more than it needs to be pushed and it may suffer credibility
as a result. We have seen Microsoft’s IE marketing campaign
reaching from market share blog posts that go to extreme lengths in
selecting convenient numbers and forgetting those that would
actually represent a realistic picture.”

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