Shuttleworth comes down on the ‘Open Source Tea Party’

Like many other prominent people in the free and open source software communities, Mark Shuttleworth, the man behind Canonical and Ubuntu/GNU Linux, has more than his fair share of detractors. But it’s not often that he he hits out at them, unless it is in replies to posts on websites here and there.

But there is an exception to every rule. Shuttleworth normally writes an entry in his personal blog at the time of every Ubuntu release, mentioning some features of the release and announcing the name of the next version. And with the recent release of version 13.10 he has said his piece again – and referred to those who have criticised his decision to develop his own display server as the Open Source Tea Party.

It’s a phrase that has currency at the moment; fringe members of the US Republican Party have been in the news over that country’s government shutdown until recently when a deal was struck to overcome the problem.