Shuttleworth denies move toward Open Core

“Mark Shuttleworth has denied that his company, Canonical, which
is known in FOSS circles for its Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution, has
any Open Core products or any plan to accept it as a strategy.

“He was reacting to allegations made by Bradley Kuhn, a board
member of the Free Software Foundation and executive director of
the Software Freedom Conservancy, that Canonical was moving toward
an Open Core model, one in which free or open source software is
sold along with proprietary add-ons.

“The article containing these allegations was headlined
“Canonical, Ltd. Finally On Record: Seeking Open Core.” It was
based on the transcript of a chat session that Shuttleworth had
with users during the normal open week that follows the release of
a version of Ubuntu, in this case version 10.10 otherwise known as
Maverick Meerkat.”

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