Siemens’ benchmark of SAP R/3

[ Thanks to Fred Mobach
for this report. ]


On Sep 13, 1999 you ran a story on Siemens:
First SAP certified SAP R/3 Standard Application Benchmark on

In some talkbacks people were questioning the amount of RAM in
the Primary server. As I wasn’t involded I didn’t know. So I went
to the Siemens website and read the story. As I found an e-mail
address I asked Mr. Michael Hecht for details and he was so
friendly to mail them. That’s why I submit them here so the other
readers will know also.


Fred Mobach

The SAP standard application benchmark performed on September 9,
1999 by Siemens in Augsburg, Germany, is certified with the
following data:

 Number of benchmark users & comp.:   241 SD (Sales & Distribution)
 Average dialog response time:        1.96 seconds
 Processed Order Line items / hour:  24,170
 Dialog steps / hour:                72,500
 SAPS:                                1,210
 Average DB request time (dia/upd):   0.105 sec / 0.115 sec
 CPU utilization central server:      98%
 Operating System central server:     Linux 2.2.11
 RDBMS:                               SAP DB 6.2.10
 R/3 Release:                         4.0 B
 Total disk space:                    90 GB
 Certification Number: 1999027


1 Central Server: Siemens Primergy 870/40, 4-processors SMP,
Pentium III Xeon 550 MHz, 2 MB L2 cache, 2 GB main memory

Dialog response time distribution: 16% of dialogsteps completed in
less than 1 second, 57% in less than 2 seconds and 91% in less than
3 seconds.