Slashdot: Embracing Insanity [Book Review]

“Russell Pavlicek, Linux and Open Source evangelist, has written
an impassioned little book that purports to explain to the non-geek
world in particular why they should care about the Open Source
movement and the success of OS systems like Linux and FreeBSD. Know
what? He delivers.”

This is a book to give your parents if they are wondering
what you’re doing up in your room all night, your teachers if they
haven no clue as to why software has political, social and cultural
implications, and perhaps as important, your boss, as he or she
wonders why they need to understand open source and free software
if they really want to do business in the 21st century.

“It’s not great literature, and doesn’t purport to be. It is
written with great heart, clarity and authority. “Embracing
Insanity” is a history, a primer and a social biography. It
explains what to do regarding OS, and what not to do, the sometimes
bizarre nature and traditions of the OS culture.This is not a book
that will confuse or scare off non-techies with language that isn’t
explained, or technical information taken for granted. Quite the
contrary. It brings OS to life in a way that is completely
accessible, explaining it’s significance as a business and social
model for many kinds of institutions, and its profoundly
non-technological promise.”


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