Slashdot: Interview: Steve Wozniak

“What’s your take on the use of LinuxPPC vs. the MacOS? Many
people say that Mac hardware is (and always has been) better than
x86, but it’s been held back by the OS. Do you think that LinuxPPC
can change that?…”

“LinuxPPC certainly has the capability of improving the hardware
efficiency and preventing some very bad things from happening and
allowing software to behave in more expectable ways. It’s hard to
say that a great deal of the buyers are much influenced by these
things or we wouldn’t have so much successful crap around. The
Macintosh market would probably be prime and ready for LinuxPPC but
it probably needs more ease of setup. Also, other UNIX variants
(Like Mach Ten) are available already and only marginally used by
Macintosh owners. The performance of MacOS X Server is already
quite incredible, and the [largely] Open Source MacOS X Client is
coming in the summer.”

“Do you think open-source and free software is really a
revolution or only a hype? How do you think things will become in
the software industry in the future with open-source variable
inserted in their middle? And do you think this model could lead to
a more competitive and less monopolistic market?”

I definitely think that open-source is a revolution and not
hype. I could have chosen to say that it’s both.

“There have always been people that believed strongly in free
software. They are mostly people that have developed something
rather good and even sellable, but small and of limited market
potential. I support these people. It’s little known, but the
schematics of the Apple I were actually handed out at the Homebrew
Computer Club before we started Apple.”