Slashdot: Linux And The G-Men: FOSE 2000

“…for the first time, just a quick stroll from the 50,000
square foot Microsoft display, this year’s FOSE [Federal Office
Systems Exposition] floor also featured Linux vendors and a
dedicated Linux pavilion.”

“Linux at computer trade shows is nothing new — but this
show in particular targets no one outside the largest buyer of
computers and software in the entire world, bar none: the Feds. The
Federal government spends upward of 35 billion dollars each year on
computer systems and software; how much more depends on who you

“The main-floor [Linux] pavillion was the brainchild of Northern
Virginia LUG (NoVaLUG) member Tim Bogart, by day a network server
administrator for a major telecommunications company, and furthered
by Lois Rude, industry manager with FOSE. After a Washington-area
Linux exposition was cancelled nearly a year ago, Bogart asked
himself and fellow LUG members “Why don’t we get in on the real