Slashdot: Linux Use in China – a View From Beijing

Xiong Jiang sent this to us from Beijing. We’re running it
exactly as he wrote it, without a single word changed: The
curiosity from the world on Linux and China is so high these
🙂 Yes, I am a Chinese and I am curious on other parts
of the world, particularly, the Linux world, as you are never the
less curious on China. 🙂 These days the business of Graphon Corp.
with some China companies makes a tremendous fuss on slashdot and

“I just read the GraphOn press release on yahoo and found out it
is still a very early step into China market. The “initial use of
GraphOn Bridges is expected to begin in November 1999 at the
Beijing Concord College of Sino-Canada, a 1500-student
Beijing-based private school serving grades 10 through college”.
And “if successful, Chinese private enterprise and government
sectors may be expected to follow…” So, it is obviously a PR from
GraphOn, instead of a substantial explanation of fact. Not to
mention that the China cooperators with GraphOn mentioned in the PR
are even unheard to me. Maybe their English names are too different
from their Chinese names ? 🙂 OK, I just read the web of Sundiro,
maybe it is a great start-up, but I really didn’t hear any former
success business case, and the counter on its web is 4690 this

“Leaving further investigation of this event to other more
professional guys (I have some friends more deeply engaged in China
IT industry but I am not), I would share my Linux experience as a
Chinese graduate students with you, and hope you could have a
better vision of Linux in China, and China itself. 🙂 “


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