Slashdot: Our [slashdot’s] Attorney’s Response To Microsoft

[ Thanks to Kenneth
for this link. ]

“As a general matter, it is the policy of Slashdot not to
interfere with or censor the communications of its users.
Andover.Net is particularly concerned about censoring the user
postings on which you have focused given their apparent relevance
to issues in the current antitrust litigation between the Microsoft
and the government.”

“In our review of this matter, it would be helpful if you could
provide certain information:

1. How can Microsoft claim proprietary protections for
enhancement to an open standard protocol?

2. How can Microsoft use the Kerberos name, which signifies
an open standard protocol, in connection with a proprietary

3. How can Microsoft claim trade secrecy for a protocol that
is distributed over the Internet?

8. Why shouldn’t Slashdot users and the general public be able to
view this protocol for purposes of commentary and criticism in
light of its apparent relevance to issues in the government’s
antitrust litigation?”


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