Smart Partner: Will Linux Group Burn Sun? – The OSDL may have a hidden agenda against Solaris

“Publicly, the new Open Source Development Lab (OSDL)hopes to
promote Linux in the enterprise. But privately, the OSDL-funded by
HP, IBM, Intel and NEC USA-may be plotting against Sun

“Unlike earlier Linux partnerships, the OSDL was not driven by
pure-play Linux vendors. Instead, as Linux pioneer Red Hat
confirms, major hardware vendors started the OSDL in mid-July.
To be sure, the OSDL’s primary focus is catapulting Linux into
the enterprise. But OSDL’s hardware members wouldn’t mind if Linux
somehow manages to eclipse Solaris, too.

“To accomplish that, OSDL’s four major hardware members are
opening their wallets. While the OSDL partners are reluctant to
discuss funding, several sources tell [email protected] Partner that each of
the big four has ponied up at least a million dollars to get the
development lab off the ground. Initial funding is expected to
climb to $12 million, according to one source close to the