Software is too important to leave it to programmers

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for this link. ]

“After reading Software piracy is also the Government’s
fault a website developer wrote to me (synthesizing):

1. trying to write programs or websites “for everybody” is
something that requires a lot of development time; therefore,
unless the customer paid to have something viewable with any
browser/operating system, you do it. Otherwise, you DON’T. You try
to make happy the makority of users and who gives a f**k if not all
versions of Linux support Vmw (a video format) out of the box.
Sure, that’s ugly to say, but that’s the way it goes

2. I don’t even care much for people who use Open Source
Software that they didn’t pay and then demand to be treated as
those who paid something

3. Here’s a (deliberately) stupid example: if I build my own car
myself with my friends, in our spare time, I certainly don’t expect
the same performances as an Audi

“Strictly speaking, point 1 is absolutely correct (not always,
but often) from a purely technical point of view. That’s why I’m
not upset, in general, with Web developers who try to follow

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