Solus Project to No Longer Support openSUSE & Fedora Repos for Budgie 11 Desktop

We can all agree that the current Budgie desktop environment is pretty cool with its GNOME 2-like vibe, and you can even enjoy it on Ubuntu Budgie, Arch Linux, Debian GNU/Linux, SparkyLinux (Debian based), and Manjaro (Arch Linux based). You can also enjoy Budgie on RPM-based distros like openSUSE and Fedora, which currently lies on the Solus Project’s OBS (Open Build Service) repositories. Now, the bad news is that due the ongoing re-architecturing, starting with the release of the Budgie 11 desktop environment, Solus Project will no longer be able to maintain those repositories for openSUSE and Fedora operating systems as Budgie 11 will need to be integrated at at the distribution level. Budgie 11 aims to be distro agnostic, so the need for a dedicated maintainer is necessary.