Sony’s New Improved Super Anti-Piracy Plan!!!

“See here and here. Basically the plan is to hire more two more
lawyers…which is like hiring more rappers to get your yacht built
faster. Everyone knows that after Napster was sued out of
existence, CD sales have been through the roof. It’s impossible to
find an illegal copy of a song anywhere. And after DeCSS and 09 F9
were successfully sued off the internet, it’s super hard to decrypt
movies and they all are 100% legal. Due to the huge success of big
media’s legal departments, every time I want to watch a movie, I
drive down to my local neighborhood Blockbuster and fork over

“Nah, the truth is, those cases did shit all but put money into
some lawyers pockets, and gave you technophobic CEOs talking points
at worthless board meetings.”

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