SRO: Big Bucks And TurboLinux, Red Hat may be the biggest, but TurboLinux just got $57 million.

“TurboLinux, often credited as the No. 4 Linux player, announced
on January 17 that it received $57 million in its second round of
funding. That’s the largest private investment ever in a Linux

“The cash wasn’t just from venture capitalists betting on high
IPO returns, either. More than a dozen technology companies pitched
in to lay their money down on Linux, the technology, as delivered
by TurboLinux. These companies included Compaq, Dell, Intel, NEC,
Novell, SCO and Toshiba….”

TurboLinux already closely partnered with SCO, is pushing
its lead as the high performance Linux clustering leader.
company is also the leading Japanese Linux company. In total,
TurboLinux claims to have sold more than 3 million copies of