SRO: Chronicling The Open Source Movement

“Although publishers of recently-released ‘Open Sources’ label
the book the ‘new gospel’ for open-source programmers, it can be
better described as the record-keeper of the open-source

“Leading open-source thinkers, from Free Software Foundation’s
Richard Stallman to Linux inventor Linus Torvalds, as well as top
open-source businessmen from Red Hat Software’s Bob Young to Cygnus
Solutions’ Michael Tiemann, pitch in their two cents on how the
free, open-source software has risen to success.”

“Perhaps most interesting in Behlendorf’s piece is his warning
not to build a commercial software venture that bridges two
open-source offerings. Although he strongly recommends making money
by selling proprietary software that enhances open-source
offerings, coders will quickly look for free alternatives for
software wedged between open-source wares.”


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