SRO: First Linux 2.2 distribution emerges

Smart Reseller says, “Caldera wins the open source race to
market — by a beta.” Obviously, they never heard of Stampede
Linux, which runs 2.2.1 out of the “box”.

“Want up-to-date Linux without tears or patching? Caldera
Systems Inc. is coming to the rescue — followed by the rest of the
distributors of the open source operating system.”

“Caldera also promises a new and much easier to use installation
program called LIZARD. The company hopes that this release will
equal and surpass SuSE’s famed installation tool: YaST.”

“For now, Caldera has the lead over Linux distributors. Only
Pacific HiTech is making the 2.2.1 kernel available as an upgrade
from its Web site to its TurboLinux 3.0.1 users. Red Hat Software
and SuSE Inc.’s are following up as fast as they can with their own
2.2 updates. By this summer, all the major reseller Linuxes will
have 2.2 distributions shrink-wrapped and ready to sell.”