SRO: Linux vs. Microsoft: The FUD Report

“Linux enthusiasts once more are combating FUD-the unfounded
fear, uncertainty and doubt, drummed up from nothing by enemies of
Linux. Nothing draws their ire faster than FUD masquerading as
objective truth, but is in reality Microsoft-sponsored FUD. The
latest: According to some Linux advocates, the recent
GartnerGroup’s anti-Linux reports were Microsoft-sponsored and

“According to Gartner, Microsoft didn’t fund the study. Today,
the Gartner web-letter site URL,
http://www.gartner.com/webletter/microsoft/ automatically takes
would-be readers to the GartnerGroup Interactive home: Gartner’s
homepage. Nothing remains visible of the web letter but its
redirected link….”

At the same time, though, as Linux forces storm Gartner,
the open-source advocates aren’t wearing completely white
For example, the one document still publicly available,
“Will Linux Be Viable Competition for Windows Desktops?” is
denounced as “slamming Linux.” In fact, it doesn’t.”


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