SRO: Microsoft’s Next Move: Let’s Make a Deal

“The only people who were surprised by Thomas Penfield Jackson
taking Microsoft out behind the woodshed for an old-fashioned
whopping were the ones who had their heads buried in Microsoft
quarterly reports….”

“Joel Klein, the Department of Justice’s main man, scored points
off Microsoft’s toy, white-show law firm like an American jet
potting Iraqi tanks in Desert Storm. In a target-rich environment,
Klein excelled….”

Its almost 2000, Linux is charging forward with an
operating system blitzkrieg and a revitalized Novell is using
Novell Directory Services like a well-honed saber in the hands of a
master fencer.
Besides, while you can dismiss Solaris 8’s
February arrival as being more PR than real, commercial Linux is
due out with the 2.4 kernel by then….”