SRO: The Enterprise Comes To Linux

“Another day, another major enterprise computing vendor boards
the Linux bandwagon. This time it’s Computer Associates
International Inc., which announced at LinuxWorld that the company
is bringing its keystone product, Unicenter TNG Framework, to Linux
in partnership with Red Hat Software Inc.”

“For now, it looks as if CA and Red Hat will have the field to
themselves. Although CA did not rule out working with other Linux
companies, the impression was given that, at least in the short
term, Red Hat will be CA’s only Linux partner. At least one other
high-end network management company, Tivoli Systems Inc, according
to IBM sources, will not be bringing its management software to
Linux. While Tivoli will enable Linux systems to be Tivoli
end-points soon, there appear to be no plans to port Tivoli
Enterprise to the maverick operating system.”