StarOffice 8 Enters the Scene

Seattle Post-Intelligencer/New York Times: New Sun Software
Will Work with Microsoft

“Sun Microsystems is hoping to steal market share from Microsoft
Corp. with the release on Tuesday of a new version of its business
software collection, StarOffice, with improved compatibility with
Microsoft Office.

“StarOffice 8, which includes a spreadsheet, word processor,
database and presentation software, allows users to import and
export Microsoft Office files and to use Office macros, the tiny
chunks of code that automate specific tasks….”

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NewsForge: Review: StarOffice 8

“StarOffice is a suite of interoperable ‘office’ programs that
use the same software shell as their basis. The programs include a
word processor, spreadsheet, drawing application, presentation
creation program, and database front end. All are feature-rich and
capable of providing adequate desktop functionality for business
and home use. The latest version, StarOffice 8, is not perfect, but
it is an excellent value for businesses that do not depend on
proprietary Microsoft formats for production work.

“StarOffice is based on the OpenOffice.org source code, and is
very much like OpenOffice.org 2.0, with a few enhancements…”