State of Firefox 4.0 on GNU+Linux

[ Thanks to
Jacob Barkdull
for this link. ]

“So we’ve probably all seen the mock-ups for Firefox
4.0 by now, but has any of it been implemented? In the Windows
version, yes. On the GNU+Linux version, partially. And it looks
like it’s going to stay that way. I’m going to show you what’s
different in the current development version (nightly 4.0b8pre)
from 3.6.

“First up: Firefox 4.0 has great support for the new HTML5
specifications like CSS3, Canvas, Offline Web Applications,
Drag-and-Drop interaction, Geolocation, SVG, Animated SVG, Video
tag, Audio tag, WebM, and so much more. HTML5 is now very popular
on the web, but because many people use older web browsers or web
browsers that don’t support such new features, web sites are
designed to work despite a lack of support for HTML5. So while
these are great features, you might not notice them or necessarily
want to use them, I will not be talking about them much here. This
is the state of Firefox 4.0 on GNU+Linux.” “Here the only
differences from Firefox 3.6 you’ll notice are:”