Straight From The Horse’s Mouth: Was SCOsource About UnixWare?

“SCO’s new position is that UnixWare is just another
interchangeable name for UNIX and that SCOsource was about
UnixWare, not Unix System V, but here’s some more evidence that
they are not the same thing and that SCOsource was primarily about
UNIX System V. In this article, I’ll restrict myself to things
SCOfolk used to say about what SCOsource was about. As you will
see, before the Honorable Dale Kimball ruled in August that the
UNIX copyrights didn’t pass from Novell to SCO, SCO said SCOsource
was about UNIX System V source code. Now that it’s time to pay
Novell for those System V licenses, SCO says they were really
UnixWare licenses.

“As I told you in the previous article, I didn’t have enough
space to say everything in rebuttal in just that one article, and
I’m still not done with this one…”