Sudo 1.8 Brings Pluggable Policies to Root Access Control

“This weekend at SCALE, Todd Miller introduced Sudo 1.8, a major
update that brings “enterprise” features to Sudo that put it on par
with proprietary alternatives.

“We’re all familiar with the venerable utility Sudo, but its
feature set hasn’t kept up with what many companies want for root
access control. Specifically, Sudo has lacked support for policy
plugins and advanced logging features. There have been a number of
proprietary tools that either replace or enhance Sudo for root
access control (RAC). But who wants to have to buy an add-on if you
can get the features you need as part of the native toolset that
comes with your *nix?

“Sudo 1.8 brings a plugin architecture, with two major types of
plugins: policy and I/O logging plugins.”

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