SuSE Linux 6.1 for Alpha (German version) released

Support for a wide variety of Alpha hardware.

Tested over a wide range of
Alpha hardware
, the newly released German version SuSE Linux
6.1 for Alpha-AXP features:

  • 4 CD-ROMs
  • 450 page handbook
  • Boot disk
  • Kernel 2.2
  • XFree86TM
  • KDE 1.1.1 (K Desktop Environment)
  • GNOME 1.0
  • All packages in RPM format with sources in SRPM format
  • The entire system or single packages may be updated by
  • Choice of configuration — free choice of configuration options
    or pre-configured
  • 60 days free E-mail, fax and telephone installation

Summary of packages:

  • Graphics: Gimp 1.1, blender, imageMagick
  • Programming: C/C++, Fortran, Pascal, …
  • Sound: CD-Player, MOD-Player, MP3-Player, MIDI-Sequencer,
  • Document layout: teTeX, Latex, Ghostscript 5.10
  • Networking: TCP/IP, NFS, UUCP, PPP, IPX, Ncpfs (Zugriff auf
    Novell 3.x), Appletalk, Amateur radio, ISDN, SMB (Windows), Token
    ring, Arcnet, …
  • Database: MySQL
  • Internet: WWW, Mail, News, IRC, DNS, Fireball, …
  • Editors: Emacs, vi, joe, aXe, nedit
  • Unix tools: awk, sed, grep, find, rcs, make, groff, bison,
    flex, perl, m4
  • Window managers: fvwm/fvwm95, WindowMaker, icewm

SuSE Linux for Alpha is scheduled for a new release three times
a year just as the x86 version. To keep it synchronized with the
x86 version, the next release of SuSE Linux for Alpha will be in
September. Because of the short time till the next release, all
purchasers of SuSE Linux for Alpha will receive a coupon good for a
free upgrade to the next release. SuSE Linux for Alpha is priced at
DM 98-.

Missing from SuSE Linux for Alpha are many commercial packages
and demos which are available only on the x86 platform.

There is currently no infomation about when the International
(English) release of SuSE Linux for Alpha will take place, but
typically it is four to six weeks after the German release.

For more information, visit the Web site.

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