SystemLogic.net: NVIDIA GeForce 2 GTS Manufacturer Guide

[ Thanks to David
for this link. ]

“This week has been a huge week in terms of video card
technology releases and announcements. Recently we’ve seen a huge
hype with the numerous previews on the 3dfx Voodoo4/5. While we
were aware that the NV15 (Now known as GeForce 2 GTS) would be
announced this week, we had no clue that the cards would be on the
shelf so early.”

“With this news, we were poured upon with various press releases
and information from manufacturers such as Elsa, Absolute
Multimedia, Hercules/Guillemot, Creative Labs, and Asus. The
internet has been flowing all this information and content all over
the place on all sorts of sites.”

“To clear things up we decided to organize everything
ourselves with an guide (which will be updated) that organizes
information from the plethora of manufacturers that will be selling
video cards featuring the GeForce 2 GTS chip.
We place all
press releases and box/card shots separated by each manufacturer
along with any information that comes our way. We add a little
twist with comments on each section based on what we see from each


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