Taking Microsoft to Task Over IE8 �Myths�

“On security, Microsoft says IE8 is more secure than IE6 or IE7,
which is true. But to back up its claim that IE8 is the most secure
browser, Microsoft cites a self-sponsored study that Opera has
since called out as manipulative and incorrect. The rest of the
arguments supplied here — more advanced phishing and malware
protection, better defense against cross-site scripting, better
security out of the box — fall flat when you look at similar
features in Firefox and Chrome.

“It’s the last two that are the biggest head-scratchers.

“IE8 is more adaptable than Firefox and Chrome, both of which
are fully open-source? More customizable than Firefox, which has
the richest, most vibrant add-on community among all the browsers,
including the Two Browsers Not Appearing In This Comparison?”

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