TeamWave Workplace 4.1 Released

TeamWave Software Ltd.
Continues Refinement of Its Internet 'workplace' software,
TeamWave Workplace 4.1 and announces OEM licensing plans.

TeamWave Software Ltd.
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TEAMWAVE SOFTWARE Continues Refinement its shared internet space with the
release of  WORKPLACE 4.1. and announces OEM licensing plans.

Calgary, Canada - February 1, 1999 -

TeamWave Software Ltd, a leader in producing software for 'shared Internet
places' announces the availability of Workplace 4.1, its popular software
for distance learning and group collaboration. Workplace brings together
distributed group/course members, using Windows, Macintosh and Linux/Unix

Workplace supports group/course members who are sometimes physically
separated yet still need to work closely together. It provides an Internet
forum where up to 30 members can communicate, share information and
interact with each other within the same room. Workplace is an ideal
communication solution for distance learning/training, telecommuters,
branch offices and more.

TeamWave Workplace 4.1 changes and additions include:

* tool borders were removed from the doorway, file holder, and url
  reference tools, which are now are shown as simply an icon and label
  directly on the whiteboard
* macintosh files (including resource forks) are properly managed using
  the file holder tool
* view option on file holder, allowing a file to be downloaded and
  launched in the appropriate application
* file holder now keeps track of MIME types, for better cross-platform
  compatibility, as well as date of last changed, size, and person who
  uploaded the file
* tool tip added to file holder, showing file information
* room template feature, whereby the contents of an existing room can be
  saved as a template, and that template later used when creating a new room
* new tools on pen tray bar for selecting text attributes
* popup menu for users is now available to all users, not just those in
  the current room
* added support for SMART Technologies SMARTBoard hardware.

TeamWave continues to leverage its groupware 'toolkit', that allows rapid
enhancements to Workplace, with the announcement that TeamWave also is
ready to begin OEM licensing of Workplace and its associated API and SDK
to software and hardware vendors that need to integrate collaborative
environments into their product sets.

"TeamWave has a unique and powerful collaborative environment that can
easily be integrated and extended by others", stated Fred Yee, president
of TeamWave Software. "We are actively seeking partners in Distance
Learning, Telework, Logistics and Engineering that need a proven,
synchronous and asynchronous 'workplace' to provide fully interactive,
persistent collaboration."  More information, along with the latest review
against Lotus Sametime in PCWeek (Jan/99) is available at

About TeamWave Software
TeamWave Software Ltd., founded in 1996, develops software to provide
communication and tools for group/course members in distance learning and
collaboration. TeamWave grew out of over six years of world-class research
into understanding both the technical and usability requirements of
distributed workgroups. More information about TeamWave and Workplace,
including demonstration software can be found at
http://www.teamwave.com or by sending
email to [email protected].