Technocrat.net: More Shady Stuff from LinuxOne

“In a recent press release, LinuxOne announced a $500,000
software order from “Power Source” of El Cerrito, California.”

“What LinuxOne didn’t mention is that Power Source runs out of a
tiny storefront, and their “distributors in 130 countries”, an
exaggeration, run flea market tables. One of these distributors is
usually seen at the Livermore Ham Radio Flea Market here in
California, where he occupies one of the $10 tables.”

“While Power Source appears to be a legitimate business, it is
extremely unlikely that they could have $500,000 cash to pay to
LinuxOne. Rather, they probably made a deal to sell $500,000 worth
of product, when and if they can, without pre-paying for much of it
at all. But you would not have realized that from the LinuxOne
press release.”

There’s a pattern here. LinuxOne persists in posing as a
company with bright prospects in Linux, but look at what they have

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