TechWeb: Report: Microsoft Is Building New Monopolies

“Microsoft is replaying previous tactics, leveraging its
desktop operating system monopoly to gain dominance in the server
and computer networking markets, an industry group said

“”Microsoft recognizes the importance of the network market and
is moving aggressively to control that market, much the same way it
moved successfully to control the market for desktop operating
systems and Internet browsers,” the Computer and Communications
Industry Association said in a white paper titled “Windows 2000:
Blueprint for Dominance.””

“CCIA, which represents some Microsoft rivals, has been critical
of the software giant throughout the antitrust trial. Sun and
Oracle currently dominate the server market, where Microsoft
(stock: MSFT) is making a concerted push with Windows 2000.”

“”The threat of Microsoft gaining server dominance by leveraging
their desktop monopoly is real. By designing technological tie-ins,
driving IT managers toward homogenous Windows environments,
blocking competitive server operating systems through Microsoft
proprietary interoperability, and requiring the installation of
Windows 2000 servers to gain full use of the Windows 2000 desktop,
Microsoft is replicating the tactics used to bring IE to dominance
in the browser market,” the report said.”