The Best Apps and Extensions for Better Holiday Shopping

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for this link. ]

“Priceblink: Priceblink is a useful-yet-unobtrusive shopping
add-on for Chrome and Firefox that notifies you if the product
you’re browsing is available at a lower price from another
retailer. Since the extension only shows up when you’re shopping,
there are no annoying pop-ups or notifications while you’re
browsing other sites.

“The way this add-on works is, every time you visit a product on
a shopping site, let’s say Amazon, then, Priceblink will
automatically lookup other retailers and show you if the same
product is available at a lower price somewhere else. Moreover,
Priceblink also notifies you if there are any discount coupons
available for that particular site. Clicking the notification then
shows you the discount code, which you can use to save your
hard-earned cash.

“Besides these aforesaid features, Priceblink also includes
support for wish lists, price history, and price drop alerts, thus
making it one of the best shopping extensions for browsers.”

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