The Computer I Need

[ Thanks to Carla Schroder for this
link. ]

“Increased physical health, better posture: I have carried an
extra six to seven pounds in my backpack, along with power cords
and backup batteries for long trips. When I carry a backpack, the
vertebrae at the base of my neck, nearly between my shoulders,
often pulls out of line. A rollercoaster of back pain ensues. I can
usually yoga my way back to proper spine alignment, but the
struggle is a waste of my energy. If I carry a messenger bag or
other one-sided carrying device, I get muscle strain that divides
my left and right sides until I feel split. I enjoy feeling “bien
dans ma peu” (good in my skin, as the French say) and would prefer
it if my most beloved electronic device, my laptop, would not be
the thing that pulls at me in bad ways.”