The Computer Underground sells Linux boxes and support

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Subject: The Computer Underground sells Linux computers and provides networking
  and programming support.

If you have any questions, please send e-mail to
or go to our website at
or call us at

What is The Computer Underground?

A group of UNIX consultants who sell, support, and provide networking and
programming consultation for Linux computers. We sell from the sub-$1,000
computer market to the Beowulf (super computer) and RAID market. In
addition, The Computer Underground has hired a specialist in UNIX to
become TCUs Beowulf and RAID expert. 

Here is an example of a sub-$1,000 computer we are selling. 
I would say that the only two items that would need any upgrades would be
the video card and memory. 

Our company tries to focus its programming skills on Perl, PHP, database
SQL (postgresql, mysql, oracle, etc), Javascript, HTML, UNIX shell
scripting, C++, NT programming, Java, and other languages. For networking,
we focus on providing Linux solutions for Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX
environments. Yes, we provide WindowsNT support, but we prefer to provide
LINUX support. Linux (and soon FreeBSD) is the key ingredient for The
Computer Underground, but our consultants do have a wide variety of
skills in other UNIX operating systems and also NT. 

In addition, The Computer Underground has created informal connections to
other consultation companies to provide our customers with other sources
of computer consultation. We accept no kickbacks. We just ask that the
other companies make our customers happy, that is all. 

The Computer Underground will also have direct ties to Global Technology. 
TCU will be assisting Global Technology in their project management
in May. 

In addition, The Computer Underground is also directly involved with the
Crossroads 2001 server providing customers with a gateway to the internet. 

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The philosophy behind TCU:

The Computer Underground has its name based on revolution. Out with the
old, in with the new (unless the old is still very good). We want to
provide to our customers the technologies that are the best for them. This
means, we keep our hands clean of any deals that may go on in the
background. We accept no kickbacks from any referrals, we will not let
other companies advertise our on website, we try not to over advertise our
own company with stupid java programs and animated gifs, and we try to
keep our website clean and simple and useable by all web browsers. We let
people know what they want to know, and even present links to other
websites so that people can compare and contrast our products and services
to other companies or other information centers. We don't want to sell
unless the customer feels comfortable buying a product from us.  

We will be redesigning our website in May. 

Thanks for reading this!
President of TCU

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