The de Icaza Conundrum

Miguel de Icaza’s Web Log: OOXML, Looking Forward

“I have been reading the OOXML storm in a teacup for more than a
year now. Am looking forward to the approval of OOXML as an ISO
standard and to be able to move the discussion back to the things
that actually matter: free and open source software.

“For a year, countless bytes have been wasted on what is now a
very difficult plot to follow, specially for people that have not
followed it since the start (or as Bill Maher said last week ‘Its
like trying to make sense of a LOST episode…)”


Will Work For Witty Blog Title: Oh Miguel…

[ Thanks to Tomáš Marek for this
link. ]

“Miguel, you’re a smart person and I respect what you’ve done.
But your current infatuation with All Things Microsoft is, frankly,
scaring me and a lot of other people. I didn’t switch to Linux so I
could have Microsoft technologies in my face…”