The debut of Project Linux

Mark Waterous

Project Linux, a new
entry into the Linux community on the world wide web, nears
completion and is looking for people to join its beta team and
volunteer staff.

This new site will be a central point for the Linux community,
providing a variety of resources for both the advanced and
completely new (or soon to be) user of Linux.

The community itself will be the central theme for this site, based
around the web sites massive network of forums and the ability for
visitors to have their opinions known in a variety of ways, from
reviewing distributions, to discussing Linux and open source
related news.

Resources will include informational centers for people looking at
Linux as a possible office or desktop solution, an extensive
support center for people requiring aid, articles, downloads, links
and a Linux news center. There is also a member system being
developed, which constitutes a basic building block of the Project
Linux virtual
users group

The new site, at http://www.projectlinux.org/, is
being developed by an as yet small team of developers, as their
contribution to the Linux community.

People who would like to help out by becoming a member of the beta
team before it’s full on public release are asked to email [email protected] for more
information. Those interested in helping more directly via becoming
a member of the staff are asked to email [email protected].