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“Well, always beware of Microsofties bearing gifts.
Only a tiny part of Mono was covered by this promise and the
controversy remained. That was the end of it. It was time for a new
tactic. If you can’t kill the message, maybe you can kill the

“Victim one: Richard Stallman
Richard gave a speech of over an hour and dared to pull in the
Virgin Emacs for ten seconds. If he had been excommunicated by the
Catholic Church I wouldn’t have blinked an eye, but I was quite
surprised when I heard he was attacked for being sexist, simply
because he had used the word “women”. That should have been
“persons”. Most women start up Emacs first thing in the morning,
that’s why women make up a staggering 1.5% in FOSS software.

“Poor Richard should know that women have been brainwashed since
their early youth and are now completely unable to make
responsible, mature decisions concerning their life, unless
carefully guided by enlightened people and protected from horrible
persons like RMS that scare them away for life from a future in
software development with one single, well aimed, ten second

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