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Submitted to c.o.l.a. by Axel Boldt.

Bounties are currently being offered for the following

* Reverse engineer the ICA protocol
* Write a Linux WYSIWYG hebrew text editor
* Make leafnode run faster
* X11 client for the RDP protocol
* FreeBSD driver for the General Instruments SB1000 Surfboard cable
* Enhance LinCity to allow for multiplayer games
* Patch pine to allow for saved impap password
* XFree GLX drivers for various video cards
* Extend standard LaTeX2e document classes to allow for more layout
* Patch mozilla to suppress banner ads
* Patch emacs to allow for dynamically linked binary modules
* Enhance gIDE
* Port Linux to the Mac IIfx
* GTK theme with OpenLook look and feel
* Linux driver for IBM ServeRAID SCSI Adapter
* Port Wolfenstein to Linux
* FreeBSD driver for Parallel Port Syquest SparQ1.0GB drives
* Implement a report writing package
* Linux program similar to Impulse Tracker for DOS
* Patch the screen program to allow for multiple windows per screen
* Clone of "Allaire Cold-Fusion 4.0" for Linux
* Enhance killustrator to import/export DXF files
* Typing tutor game for kids
* Free replacement for the QT library

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