The Freedom CPU Project needs your help

As posted to cola.

Subject: GNU-GPLed 64-bit Freedom CPU Project
Public Announcement:
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As many of you may NOT be aware, a project is already started on the Design
of a High speed, high performace 64-bit CPU which can be used for Linux OS
(and for other purposes as well).

If you have hardware/VLSI/VHDL experience,  than please participate in the
project.  More hands better and faster the project moves. It is at -

US East Coast   http://f-cpu.tux.org/
Europe          http://euro.f-cpu.ml.org/
US West Coast   http://f-cpu.dyn.ml.org/

Also please help in setting up more Mirror Sites if you have web servers
and direct high speed internet connections.

F-CPU  is targetting to be as good as ( or may be better than) Intel
Merced CPU.