The freedoms, concerns of an open source society

The job to keep the world safe from rampant open source technology falls on the younger generation, said Principal Philip Brown, who hopes to “graduate thinkers with entrepreneurial spirits who can reason through these problems and find a solution.”

That’s one of the reasons O’Quinn says he attends Coahulla Creek. The Professional Association of Georgia Educators magazine recently featured the school as a “school without books.” Although the school does house some books, most instruction revolves around digital technology, which is exactly what O’Quinn wants from a high school.

“This world is moving to a more technological age,” O’Quinn said. “We’re basically leaving paper behind. Being exposed to that reality sooner sets you up for a better future … that’s why I like it here. If you take a student from one school that doesn’t have all this technology and put them in Coahulla Creek where you do have all this technology, you’re going to see a difference between them at graduation.”