The Inquirer: SCO Acts as Microsoft Shill to Attack Linux

[ Thanks to rjwysocki for this link.

“In case you have had your head in the proverbial sand, over the
past week, the already listing SCO case had the air let out of it.
The whiney leak you heard when Eric Raymond published the Halloween
X memo suddenly turned into a big flappy farty sound. Mike Anderer,
the ‘brains’ behind the MS ‘not investment’ into MS spilled the

“I say ‘not’ in quotes because it wasn’t a direct investment on
MS’s behalf. A few people working for MS happened to call up
Baystar and suggest that they put a ton of money into SCO. Note the
phrase ‘senior executives’ not senior executive in the BusinessWeek
article here. This says to me that either several high up MS people
suddenly decided that Baystar should invest in SCO, and the Baystar
people were just to myopic to see it on their own, or it was a
coordinated MS plan. If you think it was sheer luck, you simply
have not been paying attention, and you should have someone else
tell you when it is safe to cross a street, you might miss a bus
coming at you, flashing its lights, honking its horn, at noon,
while you are sober.

“No, the amazing part about this is they, and I mean SCO,
Anderer, MS and all the others not yet outed, thought they could
keep it a secret. When you are dealing with brainchildren like
Sontag and Darl here, you expect them to be stupid, but as
Halloween X points out, they put it in print, in a way that it
could be discovered easily…!”


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