The International Free and Open Source Software Law Review – Call for Papers

“There is now a legal publication with the goal of explaining
FOSS issues to lawyers. It’s the first peer-reviewed law review
entirely devoted just to the legal issues of FOSS. It’s called The
International Free and Open Source Software Law Review, or IFOSSLR,
and it’s “a collaborative legal publication aiming to increase
knowledge and understanding among lawyers about Free and Open
Source Software issues,” as they describe it. If this is an area of
law that interests you, X marks the spot. Here’s the current issue.
Currently there is a call for papers for the next issue. Of course,
if you are lawyer, they’d welcome your input, not only with
authoring articles but with peer review. If you are not a lawyer,
but have expertise of another relevant kind, they are still
interested in your contributions.

“IFOSSLR covers copyrights, license interpretation and
implementation, software patents, open standards, case law and
statutory changes. It’s international in scope. So if you would
like to understand, say, a FOSS license, or how to set up policies
in your company so as to use FOSS appropriately and legally, or
what your project should consider regarding copyright ownership,
IFOSS is building a body of accessible information. And you can
download entire issues as PDF. Everything is under a Creative
Commons license. Or you can order, through Lulu, printed