The Joy of Remastering your Own Linux Distro

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for this link. ]

“Like most of you, I’m tired of hearing about the
latest Ubuntu Linux distribution spin-off. Doesn’t it feel like
everybody has released their very own variant of Ubuntu?

“This does nothing for those working in the enterprise space,
who need deep support, not one-offs. And this approach to
customizing a Linux distribution isn’t all that reliable. I’m not
saying there is anything wrong with Ubuntu per se, rather that the
customization tools are a bit flaky to use.

“Ignoring my own cynicism about customized distributions, there
are circumstances where remastering Linux makes a lot of sense. The
fact is, there are situations where the existing Linux solutions
might not be an ideal fit. Sometimes individuals and companies are
inclined to customize a Linux distribution to meet their highly
specialized needs.

“The reasons may vary, but generally the idea is to minimize
wasted resources while maintaining complete platform control. Why
install the extra software packages and code if it’s not

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