The Joys of SCO

ZDNet: The Joys of SCO

“SCO’s basic case started out simple. SCO said that IBM had
infringed on the terms of its AT&T source code licenses for
Unix by allowing derivative works to enter the public domain via
Linux, that they had drawn the problem to IBM’s attention as part
of the license renewal process, and that IBM had refused to
recognize the problem or alter its behavior. In response SCO
terminated the contract, thereby forcing IBM to stop selling AIX
and other Unix derived products, and asked a court first to enforce
that order and secondly to consider fair compensation…”


Groklaw: Ah! The Joys of Answering SCO’s FUD

“You know how things look very different at 3 AM than they do
later in the cold light of dawn? I think that must be the
explanation for poor ‘Paul Murphy’–nee Rudy de Haas, author of
‘The Unix Guide to Defenestration,’ who has been known to be
critical of IBM and who once tried to assert in public, ADTI-like,
that Linux was a derivative of Minix, until Linus, Minix author
Andrew Tanenbaum, Eric Raymond and others shut their
mouths–posting at 3:22 AM an article on ‘The Joys of SCO.’ It
probably seemed like a good idea at the time…”