The KDE Netbook Desktop – Continued

“I wrote a few days ago about Kubuntu on Netbooks. After a few
days of experimentation and discovery, I’m going to continue and
expand that topic to the KDE Netbook Desktop in general. This is
likely to be pretty long, so if you want to either bail out or get
a cup of coffee before you get in too far, now is the time…

“I first installed the KDE Netbook Desktop (via Kubuntu 10.10)
on my Samsung N150 Plus. I assumed that it would not be terribly
interesting or useful on my HP 2133 Mini-Note netbooks, because of
the limited graphic support for the VIA Chrome9 graphic controller.
That assumption was also based on the fact that the Ubuntu Netbook
Edition, with the new Unity desktop, would not even install on the
Mini-Note. However, after seeing how NDE Netbook worked on the
Samsung (and basically being blown away by it), and seeing how it
handles and configures desktop effects, I started to think that it
might actually work pretty well on the Mini-Note despite the
limited graphics. So I set out to investigate the

“Fortunately, I realized that KDE does not have the complete
separation of the “normal” and “netbook” desktops, as Ubuntu and
UNE do; KDE 4.5 includes both desktops in the standard

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