The Linux C Mailing Lists have BOTH been Resurrected

[ Linux Today reader David Lloyd writes: ]

“Chuck Mead and David Lloyd have resurrected the long dead Linux
C Mailing Lists. Now there are two lists both gated together – one
hosted by Moongroup and the
other hosted by David Lloyd.
The purpose of the lists is to provide a forum for all linux C
programmers whether they are experienced, inexperienced or total

Since David started
to announce the lists there are now at least 300 members.
In three weeks the web-site has had some 1018 hits!

To find out more about the lists visit the homepages at:

To subscribe to one of the lists straight away, send this email
with no subject or body:

Chuck and David both hope that there won’t be any question too
difficult or too easy for the lists to answer. Please, come check
us out!”