The Linux Window of Opportunity Has Closed, Maybe for Good

“A few months ago Linux was flying high, powering one of the
most popular notebooks on the planet in the Asus Eee PC. Then
rumors starting circulating that a Windows XP version was on the
way. And what did Best Buy wind up taking? The XP Edition, and at
the same rock-bottom $399 price. The Penguin reaches for the

“Meanwhile, Wal-Mart pulled the mildly hyped gOS-powered gPC
from its brick-and-mortar superstores and decided to go online-only
for the half-baked CloudBook. And during HP’s
recent media tour for the HP Mini-Note PC, the company glossed over
the lower-cost SuSE Linux version. Why wouldn’t
they when the Vista Basic version costs only $100 more and comes
with a much bigger hard drive…?”

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