The Many Ways to Copy, Move, Rename, and Archive in KDE 4

KDE is a typical graphical interface, and lends itself to dragging
and dropping. If you want to copy or move a file quickly, just drag
it from one folder to another. With Dolphin, press F3 to bring up a
split window, Control-N to open a whole new window, or Control-T to
open a new tab. You can also drag files to any point in Dolphin’s
breadcrumbs, to a folder on the Places panel, or to a Folderview on
your desktop.You can also drag images from your web browser to a
folder, if your browser supports it (both Konqueror and the latest
Firefox do).

“When you let go of the button after dragging, KDE gives you an
options window: Move here, Copy here, Link here, Cancel. You will
also notice shortcut keys listed beside each. If you hold the
shortcut key while dragging a file, it will automatically choose
the corresponding action. “Link here” creates a symbollic link to
your file, rather than copying or moving it.”

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