The Memo List: Where Everyone Has an Opinion

“A. This is an interesting point ? a lot of people think that
using social media for engagement means you?re somehow creating a
democracy, or at least consensus. But we have a culture of
meritocracy, not democracy. And the difference between meritocracy
and democracy is night and day.

“We let debate happen, and you let it kind of burn its way out,
with people offering their opinions on both sides of an issue. And
then you say: ?We?ve listened to all of this. We?ve taken it into
consideration and here?s what we?re going to do.? Even the most
ardent people opposing whatever decision is ultimately made will at
least think: ?I had my say. You heard me, and you told me why you
made the decision.? It does not have to be a democracy. And this
has been true at Red Hat since long before I got there.

“Our employees have always expected this: tell me why we?re
doing what we?re doing, and allow me at least a voice in the
decision process. Now a voice doesn?t mean decision rights. It
doesn?t mean you have any say in the answer. But at least you have
a vehicle for an opinion to be heard. “

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