The OOXML Vote: How Bad Can it Get? (Keep Counting)

“Well, you have to hand it to Microsoft. They are nothing if not
thorough, and leave as little to chance as possible. Previous
reports from all over have indicated sudden, surprising surges of
membership in National Body voting committees in multiple countries
throughout the world (most recently in Sweden), and I have reported
recently (here and here) that there has been a sudden surge of
interest among ISO members in upgrading their privileges to ‘P’
status, which will entitle to them (just in time) to a more
influential vote on OOXML

“When I first noted that I had heard concerns over upgrading at
the global vote level,. only two nations had upgraded. When I wrote
about it the second time, that number had risen to six. It’s now
only a few days later, and the number has risen to nine (bear in
mind that the original number was only thirty)…”

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