The OutRider Computing Journal: Modular Programming

[ Thanks to Jason R.
for this link. ]

The intended audience for this paper is new programmers who
wish to know how to create Object Oriented Like Programs in
languages that may not have strong built in Object Oriented Methods
(like Python or C++) or for Programmers who have only used Object
Oriented Languages.

“Object Oriented Programming can actually be a pragma, and I
might add, an especially good one to try to follow. I remember the
very first time I heard of the concept of Objective C, I had just
finished my first C++ class, so obviously, I was coming from a very
bad point of view. I spent a lot of time searching for “exactly how
Objective C is accomplished” and discovered it was simply a way of
doing things vice having prebuilt methods (such as C++ provides)
already in place.”

This column will examine how C can be written not necessarily
objectively but in modules and used for those who like myself are a
bit unsure of what it means. It is important to note here that the
ideas discussed within this context can be practiced in every
language out there, C just makes for an easy example.”


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